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1. The main focus of this community is images of Bob, but just about anything Bob related is permitted here with the following exceptions:

- Fanfiction. There are plenty of places on LiveJournal that specialize in FF fanfic. This will not be one of them.
- Fan art: including manips, icons, and other graphics.
- Anything that could be interpreted as violating Bob's privacy, like personal photos, information, etc.

2. Large (more than 600px wide) photos must be thumbnailed or placed behind a cut. This rule also applies if you are posting more than two small photos.

3. NO HOTLINKING. No exceptions! Feel free to post photos you've found here elsewhere, just please take the time to upload them to your own server space.

4. Be nice to your fellow members. You'll be warned on the first offense, banned on the second.

5. Keep things on topic. Bob is the focus of this community, people.

6. Don't ask members where they found the photos they're posting. It's bad form, and what does it matter anyway?

7. Any posts violating community rules will be deleted without hesitation. Also, some posts will be friends only. Please join the community to see everything!

8. Unless stated otherwise, we do not claim copyright over any photos posted here. If you see your photos posted here and would like them removed, please e-mail your_mod and they will be removed immediately.

9. Due to problems that other similar communities have had in the past, membership and posting is moderated until further notice. Check our membership guidelines before joining.

10. What a mod says and does, goes. We take all suggestions and input into consideration, but we have the final word. Violating rules, mouthing off to members or a mod can and will result in banning. Questions? Feel free to email your inquiries in a civilised manner to your_mod.


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